Geriatric Care Management


We assess your situation

Geriatric Case Managers provide a variety of services for you and your elderly loved one. A Professional Case Manager often begins working with you by providing an in-home assessment. After the assessment a care plan with recommendations is provided to you.

You decide what to do

The care plan will serve as a roadmap to help you and your loved one make informed decisions about healthcare, housing, and other quality of life options. There is no obligation to implement any portion of the care plan; you simply have the necessary information and tools to make good decisions. If you choose to implement all or part of the care plan, we can help. We provide ongoing care management services to be your extra pair of hands.

We support you where you need it

In our experience, it helps to have an objective, 3rd party provide information and options to families. The emotional nature of making decisions about your aging loved one can often cause additional stress on the family. Our Case Mangers will be a neutral, supportive professional to help ease the burden associated with caring for an aging or ill family member.