Home Safety Assessment

Our Case Managers understand that remaining in one’s home as long as it is safe, is essential to a good quality of life. However, sometimes the comforts of home have hidden hazards, challenges and obstacles to your loved one’s safety, independence, and well-being. A Home Safety Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation designed to optimize an older person’s living environment so they can:

Enjoy good health

Improve their overall quality of life

Reduce the need for hospitalization

Remain living independently for as long as possible

Our Home Safety Assessment will be customized to meet your unique family needs. Many Assessments Include:

  • 1.A comprehensive evaluation of your loved one’s:
  • Physical, mental, and psycho-social health
  • Ability to independently perform the basic activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing meal preparation, medication management, etc

Living arrangements, social network, and access to support services

  • 2.A Care Plan which addresses all areas of concern; provides suggested interventions or actions; and recommendations.

3. Recommendations for Care Coordination, Care Management and other Support Services

Your INVESTMENT in a home safety assessment will provide you:

A roadmap for coordinating care for your loved one

Information and resources to make better decisions

Increased understanding of health and safety risk factors

Peace of mind

How we can help you

Our Professional Case Managers are experts at providing home safety assessments. Our home safety assessment is an investment you will be proud you made. Call us today.